Start PC SpeedLane

PC SpeedLane will automatically start scanning your computer as soon as the installation is complete. You'll be able to follow along with exactly what it is doing at all times from the main scan screen. As it works its way through each of the categories you will see how many issues it is finding in each one, and a comprehensive total.

* Looking at all of these things that PC SpeedLane identified, it will quickly become obvious why your computer was running slowly before. Feel free to uncheck any of them that you don't want to fix and then just click 'Repair Issues' to get SpeedLane started on fixing your problems.


Review and Repair Problems

PC SpeedLane won't actually make any changes until you tell it to, and it even makes a backup in case you want to undo anything. To let SpeedLane make the fixes just click 'Continue' after the scan finishes and take a look at the overview of the results. You will see a complete and categorized list of all of the problems SpeedLane found and the adjustments it recommends.
  • PC Speed Settings in Windows
  • Help files
  • Graphic and Word Processing Fonts
  • Shared DLLs
  • Application paths
  • File associations
  • MRU list
  • Uninstall entries
  • COM and ActiveX controls

Using the 'Startup Manager'

PC SpeedLane's Startup Manager will show you every single program that starts running immediately when you first turn your computer on. You may be surprised at just how many programs are set to run automatically on your PC, since a lot of software has this as a default. Unfortunately, if too many programs do this, it can really slow down how quickly your computer can boot up, and continue to slow it down the whole time it's on. Look over all of the programs Startup Manager has identified as running at Startup and choose all of the ones you want to stop from doing this.

Restore backup

PC SpeedLane never makes changes to your computer without first creating a backup file of how everything was to start with. You can look at all of the files in the 'Restore' screen and easily undo anything SpeedLane has ever done.

PC SpeedLane Settings

PC SpeedLane was created with you in mind, so we want you to be able to set it up just the way you like. Check out the 'Settings' tab, where you can decide when to run scans for you. You can set which days and what time you want it to run, what notifications you want it to send you (even if you don't want any) when other software tries to change stuff on your computer, and a lot more! Look everything over and get it set just the way you want!
Get a free scan Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP Compatible

This software is free and allows you to adjust file associations and font entries, adjust Internet settings, address all detected PC issues and adjust settings that may impact PC speed.

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